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Who is Stanley Pounder?

Members of the 50 year reunion committee have adopted our school mascot Stanley (STAN) Pounder as the moniker for our reunion committee.  The committee placed a page on Facebook originally intended for use by the Class of 1972 as a symbol for us to use in order to attract classmates to his page.  We wanted to do this because we figured that he would attract many classmates that are on Facebook.  What happened instead was that many different class members from years other than the Class of 1972 wanted to be friends with Stanley and he just started accepting their friend requests as they came in.

This necessitated Stanley to come up with another method of getting the classmates of 1972 to join in a group in order to follow the plans for the reunion as well as giving them a means by which to give their input and suggestions for the plans for the reunion.  This is when Stanley formed the Chattanooga Central Class of 1972, 50 Year Reunion Group Page.  

Chattanooga Central Class of 1972, 50 Year Reunion Group Page is a CLOSED GROUP meaning you must ask to join the group and then be accepted into the group before you can see the contents of the page.  The ONLY PEOPLE ACCEPTED into this group are Members of the Class of 1972 OR their Spouses.  The committee has learned that there are a significant percentage of our classmates that do not have or use computers, however their spouses may infect do so.  Therefore, spouses are accepted into this group.

The committee will be using the Chattanooga Central Class of 1972, 50 Year Reunion Group Page.  as its PRIMARY METHOD of posting updates to the planning committees activities and passing along information to the classmates about the reunion.  IF you are on Facebook please send Stanley Pounder a friend request and once he accepts your friend request he will then send you an invitation to join the Chattanooga Central Class of 1972, 50 Year Reunion Group Page.  

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The Contact Us Form is at the bottom of this page and Stanley will endeavor to get back to you as soon as is possible.  Please include in your form a working phone number so Stanley may call you in order to better respond to your inquiry.

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Chattanooga Central High Class of 1972

The Spirit of Stanley Pounder can be found anywhere there is a Central Graduate.


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