Topics discussed at this meeting include

Topic 1: Service

Members discussed the new subscription to and how to access the information in the database in order to update the classmates contact information, through the U.S Mailing Address, the E-Mail method, and through Facebook social media.

Topic 2: In which month do we want to have our 50 year reunion

Much discussion revolved around when precisely to hold the reunion.  Do we want Early summer such as

June/July, Mid Summer July/August, or late summer Just/August.  Consensus was that we will ask for 

the input of classmates through the Chattanooga Central Class of 1972 50 Year Reunion Group page.

That can be seen at the following Link: (  

If classmates have suggestions on this topic Please join that group and state your suggestions.

Topic 3: Possible Venues at which to hold our 50 Year Reunion

As with the topic of When to hold the reunion we will also ask the classmates for their suggestions for recommendations regarding possible venues to host our reunion.

Establishing a common E-Mail specifically for Reunion Communications

We discussed establishing a specific E-Mail for communicating with classmates about the reunion and giving anyone interested, to have an avenue by which to put forth to the committee their suggestions for the event.  We have indeed established the dedicated email by which you can communicate with Stanley Pounder the moniker the committee is using for personalizing the group.  Please feel free to send us an email to the following address:  Clicking on that address should open your mail and start a message.

Topic 4: We discussed future meetings and their frequency

We decided that we will have another meeting this year in September, and in 2020, we will have three planning meetings in the Chattanooga area.  Following that in 2021 we will hold at lest Quarterly Meetings, then beginning in 2022 we will hold as many meetings as deemed necessary until the reunion is presented to the class for their enjoyment.

Following a very nice meal we adjourned until the next meeting in September.